St. Sharbil Church


St. Sharbil in Amsterdam was purchased in 1993 and put into use. Today, the congregation consists of about 100 families and about 400 Syrian Orthodox Christians. The community is under the spiritual guidance of Abuna Simgan Makdesi Elyas, originally from the village of Midyat in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey and he was ordained in 2000 Chorepiskopos.

Mor Sharbel
St. Sharbil

According to a fifth-century report died St. (Syriac Mor) Sharbil at 104 n. Chr. along with his sister Babi martyred in Edessa (modern Sanli-Urfa in southeastern Turkey), during the reign of Emperor Trajan. He was a pagan priest who during a pagan feast converted to Christianity (reportedly on April 8, 104). As governor Lysanias told him to bring a pagan sacrifice he refused and was subsequently tortured and killed. His sister Babi, who had collected his blood, was arrested and put to death. Mor Sharbil is on one or more of these days honored in the Syrian Orthodox Church: September 5, February 27, September 9 and October 14th.


The Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Sharbel

Mayor Eliasstraat 74 1060 JA Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6135215

Priest: Abuna Hori Simgan Makdesi Elias Tel: 020-6173042

Regular gebedstijden:

Sunday 09:45 to 12:00 Mass