St. Petrus en Paulus Church

The Church

The Dutch Reformed Church Peace, was inaugurated on April 11 1954, the first postwar Above the entrance is a window arranged to commemorate the liberation. By the end of the war was reformed in Enschede, the thought occurred to new construction. This took place at the former Varvik Preserve, where after the great fire of 1862 which is also the Great Church was not spared the market, services were held.

In this the Varvikssingel initially thought the Sunday celebrations take place, in which Arabic is used in addition to the classical Syriac where the liturgy and rituals are celebrated in Arabic. At the request of a large group Suryoye, who had lived in Syria since several generations and not Aramaic but speak Arabic in daily life, founded the third Syrian Orthodox parish of Enschede in 2011. In February 2012 moved the Mor Petrus and Paulus parish to Ariëns Memorial Church (1954) on the Hogelandsingel. The parish has about 100 families and has Abuna Abdo Constantine as pastor.

The Saints

The prelates Peter and Paul are simultaneously in the morephrem.comes of East and West honored. Already in 354 they are included in the calendar of saints. In 258 Emperor Vaspasianus took the Christian cemeteries confiscated and therefore would be taken on 29 June of that year, the bodies of the two apostles from their graves and “ad catacumbas” are transferred to the Appian Way. This new interment led to a date for collective worship. Peter, the rock from Bethsaida was one of the first disciples of Jesus, he was also the most boisterous. He is the founder of the Church of Antioch (see introduction). In 67 (64?), He would have died a martyr’s death in Rome, by crucifixion, but with the head down. Paul of Tarsus changed from an ardent opponent of the followers of Jesus, in an equally ardent defender of the young, after his conversion on the road to Damascus. On his three missionary journeys he founded many morephrem.comes, and to them he wrote a total of 14 letters. His last trip was to Rome, where he served as a Roman citizen was killed by the sword in 67 (64?). The joint feast day of the Apostles on June 29, both in the eastern and western morephrem.comes.

St. Peter and Paul church

Hogelandsingel 39

7512 GB Enschede

Fr. Constantin Abdo

Euroregion Ring 12

D-48599 Gronau




church service, Sunday: 13:00 to 14:30 pm