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In 1996, about 700 Syrian Orthodox (Suryoye) families were residing in Enschede and all members of the St. Jacob da’Sroeg. However, one priest was no longer sufficient to serve the entire community in the seven sacraments of the Syrian Orthodox Church; the community had grown by natural increase and immigration, the St. Jacob da’Sroeg the Tromplaan. Given that a large proportion of the Enschede Syrian Orthodox community, living in the Southern Districts Wesselerbrink, Helmerhoek and Stroinkslanden they decided to purchase land for the construction of a new After about two years, work began on the Wesselerbrink the construction of the and the was consecrated in 1998. The community is under the spiritual guidance of Abuna Samuel Essen from Mzizach village in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey, has now, in August 2007, about 550 families and 2,500 Syrian Orthodox Christians.

St. Kuryakos

St. Kuryakos

The Holy Kuryakos (Cyriacus) was only 3 years old when he preached the word of God among men, and he has become a martyr at the age of 3 because of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the youngest saint of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. St. (Syriac: Mor) Kuryakos was born in the village called Lykania. His mother was Yuliti. At 294 n. Chr. when Mor Kuryakos was 3 years old, his father is deceased. At that time prevailed emperor Diocletian commanded everyone to serve an idol and bring him or her sacrifices. Those who refused, was fired from his position or even killed. Greedy people Yuliti betrayed by the governor because she refused to worship the idol of Lykania. Then fled Yuliti and her son Kuryakos – Mor Kuryakos thereby drew strength from a vision of Paradise, and encouraged his mother to persevere – and came after many wanderings into the city of the Apostle Paul, Tarsus. Even as they vowed not affect the faith of Christ and both were martyred. Through his courage, miracles and sermons was declared the three-year mor Kuryakos martyr and saint in the Syrian Orthodox Church.

There is another Kuryakos contained in the reports of the “Finding of the Cross” by Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine. Kuryakos there is the baptismal name of the jew Judas, who announced the finding of the cross. According to say he was later under Emperor Julian (361-363), died a martyr’s death.

The memorial day (Syriac: Duchrono) Mor Kuryakos in the Syrian Orthodox Church on July 15.



The Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Kuryakos

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Priest: Abuna Samuel Essen

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