St. Jacob van Sarugh Church


The building of the St. Jacob’s Church da’Sroeg Enschede was purchased in 1983 and converted into a The was opened in August 1984 by our Patriarch, His Holiness Mor Ignatius Zakay Beth I Iwas and the consecration of the took place on July 7, 1985 by the late Archbishop Mor Julius Isa Cicek. In 1996, the old manor house was that functioned as a community hall, demolished to make way for a multifunctional building with a large community hall, offices for administration and classrooms for the school.

Mor Jacoub dasroeg
The community is under the spiritual guidance of a priest Abuna Paulus Akman, from the village of Arbo in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey, and has now, in August 2007, about 450 families and 1800-2000 Syrian Orthodox Christians.

Mor Jacoub dasroeg

St. Jacob Sarugh

Mor Jacob da’Sroeg, “Harp of the Holy Spirit,” was famous for his sermons in verse (mimre). Through his beautifully stylized art of writing, its opposition to and rejection of the various dogmas of the Council of Chalcedon in 451, and his education in the orthodox doctrine he is seen rightly as “The Master” and “the lyre of the Orthodox Church.” He was born in Kurtam (the Euphrates) around the middle of the fifth century and studied at the Persian school of Edessa. He was a long time chorepiskopos in the area of ​​Sroeg and was appointed in 519 bishop of the capital of the area. In the Maronite Church is regarded him as a saint. St. Jacob da’Sroeg died in the year 523.

His memorial day (Syriac: Duchrono) in the Syriac Orthodox Church is on 29 November.

Adress: De Syrisch-Orthodoxe Kerk van St. Jacob van Sarugh

M.H. Tromplaan 50 7513 AB Enschede

Tel: 053-434 0906 of 053-4314812

Priester: Abuna P. Paulus Akman

Regular prayer times: Saturday: Vespers 17:00 to 17:45 (16:00 Wintertime) Sunday 07:45 to 10:30 Mass