St. Ignatius Nurono Church


The Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Ignatius Nurono and adjacent community hall in Rijssen were built in 1993 and in 1994 the was by His Holiness Patriarch Mor
Ignatius Zakay I Beth Iwas consecrated. The community is under the spiritual guidance of Abuna Elyas Basmacı, from the village Kafro Gelayto (Upper Kafro) in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey, and has now, in August 2007, about 120 families and 480 to 500 Syrian Orthodox Christians whose most live in Rijssen itself – a dozen families living in nearby villages as Nijverdal and Wierden. As the number of households grew by natural increase there was a need for greater community hall for festivities memorial services and meeting and training rooms. The land behind the was purchased and cultivated. The new community hall was opened in 2004.


Mor Ignatius Nurono

Mor Ignatius Nurono 2

The Holy Apostolic Church Father Mor Ignatius Nurono was bishop of Antioch in Syria
69 to 107 n. Chr. and the third patriarch of our The little that is known about his life, comes from his letters to Christian communities in Asia Minor, Syria and Rome. He wrote these letters during his trip that went from Antioch, from Smyrna (now Izmir in western Turkey) to Rome where he died in 107 AD under Emperor Trajan martyrdom.

Mor Ignatius Nurono was a disciple of John the Apostle. Mor Ignatius the seven known letters: The letter to the Ephesians, to the Magnesians, the Trallians, Romans, Philadelphiërs, the Christians of Smyrna, and one to Bishop Polycarp (our present bishop Mor Polycarpus Augin Aydin is these last named).

The Syrian Orthodox Tradition, one often speaks of Mor Ignatius Nurono as “fiery” because of the Latin meaning of his name (ignis = fire). His memorial day (Syriac: duchrono) in the Syriac Orthodox Church is on 17 October.


The Syrian Orthodox Church
St. Ignatius Nurono

Roelf Bosma Street 35
7462 MZ Rijssen
Tel: 0548-540252

Priest: Abuna Elyas Basmacı

Tel: 0548-517222

Regular prayer times:

Weekdays: 17:00 to 17:15

Saturday: 17:00 to 17:45 Vespers (Wintertime 16:00)

Sunday: 07:45 to 10:30 Mass