St. Gabriel Church

The Church

The Mor Gabriel parish is located in the Roman Catholic Church of Sts Guardian Angels built in the Pa Verkuyllaan Badhoevedorp in 1937. Pastor F.H.J.M. Cornet from Lijnden was building pastor and J.M. Hardeveld Amsterdam architect. In the are murals of Lambert Simon of Utrecht and on the left and right of the building images of Mari Andriessen. The idea of ​​the Guardian Angels might arise from the story of Tobias protected by Raphael.

The Saint

In the book of Tobit (12:15) says: “For I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord.” On the basis of these words one has come to the conclusion that there are seven archangels also including Gabriel and Michael. As a messenger of God at all important events concerning the redemption he takes an important place: in Daniel (8:16, 9:21) Zechariah (Lk1: 19) and Mary (Lk1: 26). Certainly the Annunciation (Annunciation), he appears frequently, often (since the 13th century) with a lily branch or an olive branch. On older pictures he wears a harbinger staff with globe and cross. The Church celebrates his feast day on 24 March.

Mor Gabriel

Mor Gabriel


Syrian Orthodox Church

St. Gabriel

Adelaarstraat 15

1171 TM Badhovendorp / Amsterdam

Priest: Samuel Samuel

Tel. / Fax: 036-54 64 118

Regular gebedstijden:

Sundays from 12:30 to / m 14:30