St. Augin Church

The Church

Archbishop Polycarpus Augin Aydin On Sunday, January 23, 2010 the as Mor Augin own Syrian Orthodox prayer house into operation. Next to St John’s and St. Mary’s Church is the third in Hengelo. The parish Mor Augin has found refuge in the Sacred Heart / Pope John Church, the Castorweg, one of the morephrem.comes of the Hengelo Good Shepherd parish, built in 1970 under architect N. Shamrock (rebuilt in 2003). The faith communities of Roman Catholics and Syrian Orthodox are increasingly converged. This should also be reflected in the nameplate outside which the names of both parishes are listed. The Mor Augin parish has about 70 families and is served by Constantine Abuna Abdo, who is also pastor of the Mor Petrus and Paulus Church in Enschede.

The Saint

The monk Mor Augin (Augen) came from Suez and died in the year 363 in Egypt. As a pearl fisherman he put his earnings at the disposal of the poor, widows and orphans. Over time, many miracles were attributed to him. The fame he garnered this, prompted him to seek the silence of the monastery. According to the medieval tradition Mor Augin is the founder of the Syrian monasticism. In the Semitic languages ​​are letters also figures that form the letters of his name (A = 1, W = 6, G = 3, I-10, N = 50) along the number 70, as an indication of the number of students it followed. In a Syrian poem this number is associated with the patriarch Jacob, Moses and Paul, allowing Mor Augin is placed in a very rich biblical tradition. Famous is named after him Mor Augin monastery, located near Nusaybin, which is again inhabited by Syrian monks Ortdoxe for several years. Mor Augin died in 363; his feast day is celebrated on April 20.

St. Augin church
Castorweg 2
7556 MD Hengelo

Fr. Constantin Abdo

Euroregion Ring 12

D-48599 Gronau


church service, Sunday: 08:30 to 10:30 pm