Mariakerk Hengelo


The history of the Mother of God Church in Hengelo goes back to the sixties and seventies when the first guest workers came to the Netherlands. Then settled some Syrian Orthodox guest workers from Tur Abdin (south-eastern Turkey) in Hengelo to work in the metal and textile industries. In time came the families of the first immigrant workers. In the second half of the seventies was the first group of foreign workers, followed by a large group of Syrian Orthodox asylum seekers, also from Tur Abdin, who sought a better way to come here. The appeal of resident foreign workers they often came to the cities Twente Enschede and Hengelo, but also settled in Amsterdam. As the number of Syrian Orthodox increased in Twente in 1977 the building of the Syrian Orthodox Church of St. John the Apostle (the Helmerstraat 1) purchased the adjacent community hall. In the early nineties, the number of believers in Hengelo Syrian Orthodox community, through the constant emigration from Turkey, but increasingly also from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, so far, it was decided to build a new and community hall. On June 23, 1996 the new Mother of God Church was officially inaugurated. In 1999, the neighboring school were also involved. Here are the school, library, community hall and location Big Driene of Educare Foundation, which offers homework assistance, established.

The communion of the Holy Mother Church is under the spiritual guidance of Abuna Gabriel Kaya, from the village of Hah in Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey, and has now, in February 2008, about 500 families and 2000-2200 Syrian Orthodox believers.

H. Maria (K)

The Holy Virgin Mary

The Syrian Orthodox Church confesses that the Holy Mary of her father Joachim and her mother Anna was born in original sin. She was then cleansed from original sin when the Holy Spirit descended on her; that the Word of God lived in her body and was born of her; and that she is the Mother of God (Theotokos or Yoldath Aloho).
The memorial day (Syriac: Duchrono) of the Virgin Mary on August 15.

Adress: De Syrisch-Orthodoxe Kerk van de Moeder Gods Sportlaan Driene 6 7552 HA Hengelo

Tel: 074- 2505602 Website: Email:

Priester: Abuna Gabriël Kaya

Regular prayer times: Weekdays: 17:00 to 5:15 p.m. (Winter Time: 16:00) Saturday (Vespers) 17:00 to 17:45 (Winter 16:00) Sunday Service: 08:00 to 10:30