Faith Experience

Faith Experience

The Bible, as the inspired Word of God is the foundation upon which all faith based principles.
These sacraments are an essential part of the life of the Syrian Orthodox:
1. christening;
2. the holy oil (chrism);
3. the Eucharist;
4. confession;
5. priesthood;
6. Anointing of the Sick;
7. marriage.

According to the belief of the Syrian Orthodox Church, the following sacraments for any Syrian Orthodox Christians needed. Namely 1. the baptism, 2. the holy oil (chrism), 3. 4. Eucharist and confession. The other sacraments that is the anointing of the sick, the priesthood and marriage are not for everyone apply.

The sacraments, baptism, holy oil and the Eucharist are administered simultaneously during the baptism. This site not long after the birth of the child. In baptism the child is carried by a godfather / godmother, and by the priest thrice dipped in the water. The child is baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of the Eucharist is to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as spiritual nourishment. It is therefore necessary that all Syrian Orthodox believer that he / she receives the Eucharist, go to the priest to confess. This usually happens twice a year, namely in the week before Easter and in the fasting period before Christmas.